The Assistant Manager™ (TAM)

Sync TAM with The Raiser's Edge

Want a more complete profile of your targets?

Want your visitor services and membership teams to work together better? We built an adapter to bi-directionally integrate your TAM and Raiser's Edge databases. When everyone has access to complete information, you're able to:

  • Look up a member in either system and see up-to-date, accurate information
  • Easily process membership sales, renewals, and upgrades in both systems
  • Sync customer and address updates made in one system to the other
  • Increase collaboration between membership and visitor services teams
  • Track TAM data in The Raiser's Edge to better understand target engagement

We can also customize our Adapter to sync with other fields or apply logic to accommodate your business processes.

Contact us about the JCA Adapter for TAM and The Raiser's Edge.