Going Beyond Dynamic Pricing: The Practice of Pricing Strategy

Tuesday, June 13, 2023
2 p.m. ET

Dynamic pricing gets a lot of attention, but it’s only part of what makes a solid pricing strategy—a pricing strategy that represents your organization’s values while reaching your goals for revenue and access.  

In this webinar, we’ll review the tenants of value-based pricing and pricing psychology, and talk about the elements that make a strong, comprehensive pricing & revenue management strategy. Elements such as: clearly defined goals, a keen understanding of your audience’s willingness to pay, and radical pricing.

Join JCA Arts Marketing Consultants Jamie Alexander, Andrew Moreau, and Jennifer Sowinski Nemeth, who will share how to create a pricing strategy to get you to your goals. 



Jamie Alexander helps cultural organizations understand the behaviors of their audiences and create data-driven strategies to continually engage them.

Andrew Moreau has worked in ticketing and marketing operations for small to midsized performing arts organizations over the past thirteen years and is thrilled to work with JCA Arts Marketing clients on pricing and customer behavior initiatives.

Jennifer Sowinski Nemeth enjoys working with arts and culture clients to help them increase revenue and grow audience through data-driven strategies including pricing studies, venue re-scaling, customer behavior analyses, and segmentation.