National Arts Marketing Project Conference

The Pricing Balancing Act: Revenue, Access, and Best Practices

Wednesday, December 8, 2021
1 p.m. ET

A critical piece of any season planning is the price of a ticket, which is key to determining both your revenue and your audience’s perception of your art. In this session, experts Jennifer Sowinski and Jamie Alexander from JCA Arts Marketing will explore how to communicate value and maximize revenue through pricing. They will evaluate a number of pricing topics/ideas: pricing psychology, price sensitivity after COVID-19, equitable pricing, and more. They’ll review questions such as: How has audience behavior changed since COVID-19 and what impact does that have on pricing? How can you make up lost revenue through pricing? How does pricing factor into equity, diversity, and inclusion principles? Attendees will come away with basic knowledge of pricing best practices, radical new pricing ideas for equity, and ideas for optimizing revenue after reopening.

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Jamie Alexander, Director, JCA Arts Marketing
Jennifer Sowinski, Senior Consultant & Analyst