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On Track or Off the Rails? How the Right Performance Measurement Plan can Drive Accountability and Learning for your Fundraising Shop

Tuesday, June 13, 2023
1 p.m. ET
Orlando, FL

Are you currently the conductor of your fundraising train? If so, you already know that leading a fundraising program is no smooth ride. Are we doing the right activities? (There are so many things we could be doing, right?) Are we budgeting correctly? Is my staff contributing the way they should be? How do we really know what is driving growth or success? Or, if we’re not growing or meeting our goals, why not? A key component of managing a fundraising program is landing on the best framework to monitor, evaluate, and learn from ongoing work—so that we can answer those questions while keeping our train on track and moving forward.

This session will be an interactive dialogue with participants that encourages self-reflection and evaluation around how we, as conductors of our fundraising efforts, are able to monitor efforts and drive accountability in our individual shops. Facilitators will walk attendees through the key steps for establishing a monitoring and evaluation framework including identifying opportunities for data driven measurement and evaluation. We will discuss organizational culture and identify opportunities to enhance inclusion, equity, diversity and access within an evaluation framework; define appropriate metrics for programs; and clarify fitting performance measurements for individual staff.

The session will combine both practical tips for developing key performance indicators (KPI’s) along with wider dialogue around the challenges leaders face in implementing performance measurement strategy. Facilitators will draw on their vast experience working with organizations and teams of all types and sizes to review tools and methodology for data collection and reporting, staff accountability, and learning processes tied to fundraising. Most importantly, this session will encourage communal learning and sharing around challenges and best practice for creating a wider culture of accountability and learning.

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Shannon Abitbol, Consultant
Holly Parrish, Senior Consultant