Spektrix Presents: Set Ticket Prices with Confidence

Find the price that’s right for you and your audience

Thursday, September 28, 2023
11:00 a.m. ET

Finding the right ticket price is a challenge, now more than ever: Competition for your customers’ attention is fierce and their purse strings are tight. That’s why Spektrix is bringing together three experts to share new ways of thinking about dynamic and responsive pricing that can support your performing arts pricing plan.

In this webinar, speakers will discuss:

  • How flexible ticket prices enhance loyalty and drive revenue
  • How to learn what your customers value
  • How a dynamic pricing strategy can support audience connections and innovation

Learn from three speakers with a range of perspectives around dynamic pricing: a sector expert from Spektrix, speaker Jennifer Sowinski Nemeth of JCA Arts Marketing, and an additional Spektrix partner. Together, they’ll explore how flexible ticket prices can open up new avenues for your loyalty strategy, audience development and revenue maximization.