Anne Hargaden

Principal Consultant

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Anne Hargaden

Anne Hargaden

Principal Consultant

“When JCA helps an organization improve its processes and use of technology, that organization can put more of its resources into fulfilling its mission—be it presenting world-class performing arts, creating enriching cultural experiences, or providing top-notch medical care and research. I love being a part of JCA’s work to enable our nonprofit clients to achieve those goals.”

~ Anne Hargaden 


Anne Hargaden joined JCA in 2011 and helps clients with organizational CRM assessments, system selections and implementations, systems integrations, business process analysis, software needs analysis, project management, and more. Anne works with a variety of nonprofit areas, including fundraising, ticketing, membership, and education.

Anne has assisted organizations around North America, including  92nd Street Y, Edlavitch Jewish Community Center of Washington, DC, The Franklin Institute, American Museum of Natural History, The Tech Museum of Innovation, Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts, National Arts Centre of Canada, Children’s Hospital Foundation, SUNY Oswego, Pace University, John F. Kennedy Library Foundation, The Field Museum, and many more.

Before joining JCA, Anne worked for such notable Atlanta institutions as the High Museum of Art and the Atlanta Botanical Garden. In both positions, she oversaw a variety of departmental duties including member communications, event planning, gift processing and reporting, benefit fulfillment, and member services. Anne provided ongoing analysis on progress toward monthly goals and worked closely with Visitor Services on membership sales and ticketing issues. She was also responsible for managing the acquisition, renewal, and upgrades of members through mail, phone, and online campaigns.

Anne holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and French from the University of Georgia. A noted expert in technology, membership, and operations, Anne has presented at the American Museum Membership Conference and the American Public Gardens Association Conference.



What do you do at JCA?

As part of JCA’s Services team, I work with our clients to help them improve their use of technology so they can achieve their organization’s goals. That help can take the form of organizational assessments, software needs analysis and system selection, business process analysis, systems integrations, custom report development, and more. I often work with cultural and performing arts organizations, as well as children’s hospitals and higher education institutions.

What do you do outside of JCA?

I love to travel and to spend time with family and friends. I also love to read, and I’m a huge baseball fan (Atlanta Braves in particular, but baseball in general).

What is your background? What brought you to JCA?

I worked in the for-profit world for several years, and then I moved to working in nonprofits. I worked in Membership at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta and at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. I had first “met” JCA when I worked at the High. JCA helped with the museum’s implementation of Tessitura. I thought JCA were the best consultants I had ever worked with, because they provided practical solutions to the real problems I was handling on a day-to-day basis. I stayed in touch with Steve Jacobson over the years, and JCA happened to have a job opening at a time when I was looking for a career change. It was kismet!

What is one of your favorite stories of/with a JCA client?

One of my favorite stories is from the Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts. I worked with Bushnell on my second project at JCA, just a few months after I started. We did a CRM assessment and made some recommendations for how they could improve their systems and processes.  Several years later, they contacted us to “refresh” the CRM assessment, since they had made some changes in the intervening time. In the second assessment, we recommended that they integrate their ticketing and fundraising systems and implement a data warehouse to combine the data from the two system for better analytical reporting. Bushnell chose to implement the recommendations, and we worked with them to create the customized data warehouse and the integration between systems. The projects were long and complex, but it was very satisfying to see a solution implemented, years after we initially worked with them.


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