Josh Wrye

Senior Engineer

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Josh Wrye

Josh Wrye

Senior Engineer

“Many JCA employees have worked at nonprofit organizations. It’s great to see our employees put those skills and knowledge to use first-hand. I love working for JCA because I see my coworkers take a personal interest in our clients daily.”

~ Josh Wrye


A crucial part of our engineering team, Josh Wrye assists clients with projects involving data migrations, data integrations (synchronizing information between 2 systems), and report writing. His skills include programming in C#, VB, and T-SQL with an emphasis on Database Administration. He also works on projects to create custom outputs in Blackbaud CRM for our clients using the BBCRM SDK to produce things like Custom Reports, Business Processes, Custom Batches, Queues, Custom Data lists, and other outputs.

Josh has helped many clients over the years, including Ballet Austin, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, Opera Colorado, University of Cincinnati Foundation, University of Arizona Foundation, and several Children’s Hospitals.

Josh holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a minor in French from Harding University.


Where do you work? Where are you from?

I’ve been a resident of Fort Collins, Colorado since 2007. I grew up in Los Alamos, NM and then lived in Arkansas during my high school and college years.

What do you do at JCA?

My main focus as a software engineer at JCA is on databases and analysis. Most of my work projects include Data Conversions, SSRS Report Writing, Data Audits, Data Analysis, and Blackbaud CRM SDK customizations. I work directly with our Business Analysts to accomplish our client’s needs on these projects, as well as any other service level engagement for which I’m needed.

What is your background? What brought you to JCA?

My first job was in Telecommunications working at Harding Telephone Service for my alma mater, Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas (2002–06). I worked there as a phone technician for my last two years of high school while homeschooling and taking college level classes on campus for dual credit. I then continued part-time work through college. I have a BS in Computer Science and a minor in French. After graduating, I worked for a year as a Telecom Tech at Generac Power Systems in Waukesha, Wisconsin. In 2007 I moved to Fort Collins and began working for MPA Technologies, a small entrepreneurial telecom company. Since my college database classes, I had always been interested in database work, but there never seemed to be a good fit for me until I started as an entry-level associate software engineer at JCA in 2010. I have now worked for JCA for over a decade!

What do you do outside of JCA?

In the recent past, I’ve really gotten into long distance trail running near my home. It is my favorite outdoor activity. In 2018 I did a 25 mile trail run, in 2019 I did a 27 mile trail race, and in 2020 I ran a 50K “fun run” (not a coordinated race) with my brother and a few other friends. I also enjoy hiking the high peaks (14,000ft+) of Colorado as time allows—in particular, I find the beauty of the San Juan Mountains staggering. I also enjoy going to breweries with friends, working puzzles, playing the bass guitar, doing small household construction projects, and other left-brained activities. I love spending time with my wife Chastine and my dog Gordon.

Here is a picture of Horsetooth Rock just outside of Fort Collins, where I run frequently.

What is one of your favorite stories of/with a JCA client?

I love being challenged by my clients. Recently I had a client for whom I’d build a group of custom giving metrics in Blackbaud CRM. The calculations for those metrics were correct, but the location where I surfaced them in the CRM ended up being cumbersome to interface with/report on, so it didn’t quite meet their needs. They took the initiative to extract the logic out that I’d built into the procedure, and they installed it into their system using an alternative method. Instead of feeling usurped, I was happy that this customer could tweak and adjust what we built for them, in order to arrive at a solution that best met their reporting needs.

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