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Margaret Stockton

Margaret Stockton


Margaret Stockton has worked with nonprofit organizations throughout her career, most recently as a freelance consultant. As a consultant she worked on several projects with The Park Avenue Armory and The New York Philharmonic. Before striking out as a consultant, Margaret worked for the Tessitura Network, Jazz at Lincoln Center, New York City Center, and Arena Stage. She has worked primarily in IT managing various applications, with an emphasis on Tessitura and all of its components.

Margaret received an MFA in acting from The Actors Studio MFA Program at the New School for Social Research and has a BA from Sarah Lawrence College. In her free time, she is an actor, director, producer, acting teacher, and avid audience member. She currently resides in New York City.


Where do you work? Where are you from?

I currently live in New York City, and it is the longest I have ever lived in one place. I am originally from Washington, DC but grew up in Okinawa, Teheran, Boston, Bethesda, and Wallingford. As an adult I have lived in Bronxville, London, Los Angeles, McLean and NYC.

What do you do at JCA?

I am a consultant working primarily on Tessitura projects.

What is your background? What brought you to JCA?

I have worked primarily in the nonprofit world during my career. I started in the Box Office and kept moving from department to department, including Subscriptions, Development, and Technology. I eventually ended up in Technology departments and stayed for a while.

I worked with JCA as a client when I was with one of my previous organizations and I was always impressed with the quality of their work and their understanding of the nonprofit world. When the chance came to come work with JCA, I jumped.

What do you do outside of JCA?

In one word— theatre. I act, direct, produce, and teach acting. When not doing any of those, I attend as many shows as possible. During the pandemic shutdown I rediscovered my love of Legos and cooking.

What is one of your favorite stories of/with a JCA client?

Being a new employee, I don’t have a favorite story of a JCA client yet but do have one of being a JCA client. I worked for an organization that was brand new to Tessitura and I had no one else at the organization who had used it previously. I was able to get on the phone with our implementation consultant and talk through some of the issues the organization was having. It was great to be able to talk to someone who understood what I was going through.

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