Rock Star of the Month (April 2017) – Jamie Alexander

April 30, 2017


Having returned from our most productive company meeting yet, I can now turn my attention to espousing the virtues of our latest JCA Rock Star. Our April 2017 JCA Rock Star is a relative newcomer to JCA. However, you’d never know it from the way she has taken charge of not only our company’s marketing, but also a number of other challenges. I’m referring to none other than Jamie Alexander. Congratulations, Jamie, you are JCA’s April 2017 Rock Star!

One of Jamie’s nominators (yes, there were multiple) used an operatic theme to describe Jamie’s work. As my knowledge of opera is limited, I’m hoping that the following action sequence is, indeed, accurate and worthy of a Rock Star:

Jamie’s cavatina (opening sequence of an aria) at JCA has been stellar, as she established plans and beautifully harmonized the new ensemble in marketing soon after starting. However, her talent and dedication was especially on display in her second month at JCA, as she molded a lot of material, writing, and comments from a variety of JCA and JCA Arts Marketing experts into a comprehensive and understandable project proposal. This cabaletta (second part, typically faster tempo), which quickly crescendoed to require a fortissimo effort, was delivered with grace and even a smile from our outstanding performer. Brava, Jamie.

Another nominator said of Jamie, “Strong communications. Good, creative thinking, and a joy to work with.” And yet another said, “She really took charge, anticipating every need before I could even ask.” The superlatives could go on and on. And, while Jamie’s work on our core marketing has been superb, she handles other responsibilities just as well. Her planning work for TLCC has been phenomenal; her contributions to the smooth running of our annual meeting were extraordinary.

Jamie, you are truly a Rock Star!