Rock Star of the Month (April 2018) – Erik Marin

April 12, 2018


I am so very pleased to announce Erik Marin as our next JCA Rock Star!

As many of you know, Erik is always willing to jump in to help whenever and wherever he is needed. If he were a basketball player, he might be a 6th man, ready to jump off the bench at a moment’s notice and lead his team to victory. Keeping the sports analogies going, Erik is like the seasoned veteran, who is looked up to by his teammates (other engineers) and highly sought after by coaches (product managers?) for his leadership and playmaking skills. Here are but a few of Erik’s many recent accomplishments:

The Bushnell Integration was a complex project that involved multiple people across departments at JCA. Erik took ownership of the project and led our offense on a two-minute, no-huddle drive for the winning touchdown. Since then, Erik has been working on several projects at once, each with its own set of challenges.  He has led the technical work for the DonorSearch—Tessitura integration, which leverages the power of wealth screening info with the analytical capabilities of T-Stats.  To our knowledge, there’s not a single product on the market that can do this type of analysis.

And, of course, there’s Erik’s work with the Arts Engines Platform (AEP), which provides the foundation for all of our cutting-edge arts analytics products including Audience Engine, Pricing Engine and Touring Engine. Oh, and in Erik’s spare time, he has been involved with the AWS migration work for our servers. And he helps look after the Fort Collins office.

Please join me in congratulating Erik as our latest JCA Rock Star!