Rock Star of the Month (August 2017) – Sarah Gillett

August 14, 2017


Greetings to everyone from the 2017 Tessitura Learning and Community Conference (TLCC) in beautiful San Diego, California.  While the weather this time of year is quite temperate and relaxing, everyone here is hard at work, networking with clients, attending sessions, and promoting our products and services to prospects.  So much energy and so many positive thoughts!  Speaking of energy and positive thoughts, it’s time to name our August 2017 JCA Rock Star!  This month’s Rock Star has officially been with JCA since the end of 2016.  Unofficially, though, she’s been with JCA—as a client—for far longer.  She was always so great to work with as a client, so organized, smart, thoughtful and solution-focused.  And, she has brought all of those traits to JCA.  Sarah Gillett, you are August 2017 JCA Rock Star!  Congratulations!

As a welcome addition to the Artifax team, Sarah has inspired her colleagues to up their game by bringing a level of excellence to everything she does. She embodies the perfect blend of competence and kindness that puts everyone at ease. Clients—and her teammates—are confident that she will do everything she can to help anyone with an issue.

For her very first Artifax User Summit, Sarah was an invaluable asset, bringing not only her vast knowledge of Artifax, but also a user perspective that helped the group plan a set of sessions around their experiences. Her event management skills came in handy when travel delays resulted in Sarah being the only JCA staffer in Dallas to host the kick-off evening’s event (bowling!).  She then leapt into full preparedness mode, rehearsing the rest of the team’s presentations in case Anne Choe and James Powell couldn’t get off the east coast and over to Dallas. She handled everything with grace and aplomb.

Clients love Sarah, as evidenced by some of these recent quotes:

“Sometimes it feels like Sarah has answered my emails before I’ve even managed to hit send! Sarah understands our business processes without ever having worked here and, in turn, understands the impact of any technical issues or feature requests and the possible benefits or ramifications downstream without any articulation from us.”

“Sarah Gillett has been a wonderful addition to the Artifax team. She consistently provides excellent support in a timely manner and does it with the sweetest disposition. She’s like really, really, nice. Really… Just wanted to pass along what a delight she is to work with.”

“Very nice working with Sarah on this – she has very fast, accurate responses and is great at follow-through in making sure things are resolved for us before closing the ticket.”

And on a ticket survey response – “If the button could go to ’11,’ I’d choose ‘11’ today.”

Sarah, you are truly a Rock Star!

Please join me in congratulating Sarah as our August 2017 JCA Rock Star!