Rock Star of the Month (January 2016) – Anne Hargaden

January 26, 2016

What do all of these projects have in common?

  • American Museum of Natural History Raiser’s Edge and Tessitura Integration
  • Brown University CRM Reporting
  • Children’s Hospital Foundation (Financial Report Development, Raiser’s Edge De-duping, DMI System Replacement, iModules System Replacement)
  • Jacksonville Symphony RE/PE Data Conversion
  • National Arts Centre Business Case for CRM
  • MailChimp Tessitura Integration Enhancements
  • Milwaukee Zoo CRM Needs Analysis

Yes, these clients/projects are all in North America—but that’s not it. Let’s see, some of them have Tessitura components—but not all. And some of these projects involve Blackbaud products—Raiser’s Edge, CRM and even Patron Edge—but not all of these projects do … So, if it’s not geography or product family/supplier, what about the type of work? Hmmm … Well, there doesn’t appear to be any one type of project here. In fact, it seems to be quite a diverse list, including data conversions, system integrations, complex custom reporting, needs analysis, system replacement consulting, and even duplicate record resolution. Wait a minute … I know! The one thing that all of these projects have in common is that Anne Hargaden worked on them all!

Yes, it’s hard to believe that one person can have the range, flexibility, and skill to successfully work on these, but Anne does. And that’s why the January 2016 JCA Rock Star award goes to Anne Hargaden! Congratulations, Anne!

Anne has been an integral part of all the projects listed above, from managing projects to providing excellent business analyst work. She received rave reviews from Brown University for her work designing report specs for Blackbaud CRM custom reports. This was Anne’s first exposure to Brown and to Blackbaud CRM, and we all know that Brown holds very high standards! They liked working with her so much that they would like her to continue developing specs for their own internal report developers.

Anne is also keeping multiple projects moving forward at Children’s Hospital Foundation, which is not an easy task. The Services Group relies on Anne to do a variety of odd and unusual projects that no one has done before. She accepts these assignments without complaint, figures them out, and gets the job done amazingly well. She is one of the most versatile and dependable members of the Services team. And she does it all with grace and a smile.

Please join me in congratulating Anne as our January 2016 JCA Rock Star!