Rock Star of the Month (June 2017) – Timmy Metzner

June 23, 2017


It’s the first truly full day of summer (summer technically began at 12:24am EDT yesterday) and that can only mean one thing: all across the JCA universe, we’re sweltering (except for maybe Ben in Edinburgh…). But this year, it also means that it’s time to announce the June 2017 JCA Rock Star! It’s only fitting that our newest Rock Star is no stranger to heat and humidity as he lives in Washington, DC. And our newest Rock Star is expert at handling Hot Seats, which, for the uninitiated, are the seat-specific heat maps found in the RMA. So, you’ve all put two and two together and figured out that the June 2017 JCA Rock Star is Timmy Metzner!

Over the past month, there have been two departures from the Arts Marketing team, reducing its person-power from four to two. As you can imagine, one of the challenges facing the group was how to continue delivering high quality services when you’re shorthanded and pulled in multiple directions. With calm determination, Timmy helped craft critical interim coverage solutions while not losing sight of opportunities that the group would need for future success.  Here are just some of the Herculean tasks that Timmy did:

  • Conducted a detailed analysis of all Arts Marketing projects and prospects, taking an honest look at what could be accomplished and what could wait. Then he took on the management of nearly two-thirds of the client engagements.
  • Stepped up and managed the hiring process for two new hires
  • Sold projects to existing and new clients
  • Participated in TLCC planning
  • Made sure that the off-boarding process for our two leaving colleagues was smooth
  • Provided feedback and follow-up on numerous proposals and deliverables
  • Kept up with his marketing responsibilities, including writing and editing blog posts, providing feedback on marketing materials, and being integral to the planning process for upcoming Arts Marketing marketing campaigns.
  • And, most of all, remained cool under pressure!

Jamie Alexander summed it up best, by saying, “Timmy is a joy to work with. He is a great strategic thinker and team player who always brings great ideas to the table. He is also extremely reliable – you can always depend on him to complete work quickly and thoughtfully.”

Timmy, you are truly a Rock Star!