Rock Star of the Month (June 2018) – Anne Choe

June 06, 2018


Today is Tuesday, June 5, 2018 and today, being the first Tuesday in June means that it is primary day in eight states, including my home state of New Jersey.  Later today, I’ll head to our elementary school gym, where I’ll cast my vote for a mix of incumbents (no, he wasn’t convicted!), newcomers (yes, she really was a member of the PTA) and even a couple of candidates who are returning to politics (why, indeed!!).  But the importance of those votes pales in comparison to the gravity of my vote for the JCA Rock Star Award.  As always, it’s a tough decision to make as we continually have a number of impressive and highly qualified nominees from which to choose.  So, a decision like this takes time, thoughtfulness and some degree of apprehension.  After all, we’re talking about a really important decision that conveys critical bragging rights upon just one, solitary soul.

So… who will it be?  Well, this Rock Star is a repeat winner, having been selected back in the summer of 2016.  She hails from the Garden State (that’s New Jersey, in case you forgot the state nicknames that you learned in fourth grade social studies). And, as some of you may know, she can sing opera – and really well!  I’m talking about Anne Choe, our latest JCA Rock Star!  Congratulations, Anne!

A lot has happened in the two years since Anne garnered her first JCA Rock Star Award.  Most importantly, she has taken over the leadership of the Artifax team and instituted an organizational structure, which has primed the group for success.  She keeps on top of everything with great style and good humor. She maintains great relationships with our clients, and fosters camaraderie with other JCA departments and within her team.  Here are just a few examples of how Anne has excelled.  She has:

  • Reached out to Casey and Michael to initiate regular catch-ups regarding sales across JCA
  • Worked with Jon Harper at Abrons Arts Center to create and maintain an online user group for our Artifax clients
  • Worked with JCA Marketing on improving sales focus in North America
  • Constantly impressed the UK marketing team with her strategic thinking
  • Constantly reviewed sales (and other) practices resulting in significant efficiencies
  • Established herself as a leader who inspires a level of trust and confidence from her team

As I wrote for Anne’s first Rock Star Award in June 2016, “Anne has proven that she is an excellent team player and communicator.”  And the same still holds true two years later.

Please join me in congratulating Anne Choe as our latest JCA Rock Star!