Rock Star of the Month (June/July 2016) – Anne Choe

July 20, 2016

JCA hosted its third annual Artifax Summit at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis June 29-30, 2016. The Summit was a great success. In the words of Tim Leighton, Head of Customer Services for Artifax, it was “the best summit so far.” What you may not know is that this year’s success was the product of some heroic work by Anne Choe, JCA Senior Product Specialist. Despite her many other job responsibilities, Anne volunteered to oversee Summit planning. With the excellent support of Jennifer Hicks, JCA Marketing Manager, Anne led the effort to secure client presenters, drive attendance, and ensure a valuable experience for our clients. Her efforts paid off! We had our largest attendance ever and attendees viewed interesting presentations from a wide array of current Artifax users. Creating an agenda for this summit was particularly challenging because our users are currently supported on two different versions of Artifax. Therefore, the content had to be valuable for both Event classic (E3) and E4 users. Once at the Summit, Anne played the role of host and Master of Ceremonies. She even brought homemade cookies and snacks for those in attendance!

But Anne’s Artifax exploits haven’t been limited to the Summit. In fact, Anne has been a true hero in our Artifax practice. In early May, Anne took on our Artifax sales efforts, for which we’ve already seen great results.

In addition to Artifax sales, Anne still handles her share of support calls, reaches out to existing clients, and coordinates license orders with Artifax UK (among other things). Anne has proven that she is an excellent team player and communicator. Please join me in congratulating her for her amazing achievement as we recognize her as our June/July 2016 JCA Rock Star!