Rock Star of the Month (May 2017) – Tim Fitzgerald

May 30, 2017


Before you all head out for an early start to your Memorial Day weekend, I have very important news to share. It’s time to announce the May 2017 JCA Rock Star!  So, put down that margarita and pay attention! It’s time to recognize someone who has been a great asset to the JCA team from the moment he joined JCA just a few short months ago. I’m talking about none other than Tim Fitzgerald, our IT support person extraordinaire. As Theo told me, sometimes it takes a while to know if you have made the correct hiring decision. With Tim, we knew right away. Tim is thoughtful, thorough and inventive in his approach to support, and has an easy manner that is often missing from IT engineers. Hugh, who sits about 6 feet away from Tim, summed it up best, “Tim is truly a great asset to our IT department and to JCA as a whole. He never shies away from any obstacle, he runs into them head on with the ability to resolve in a timely fashion. He’s truly a gem.”

Not only has Tim impressed his fellow IT colleagues, he has also gotten rave reviews from those in other JCA departments.  Here’s a sampling of quotes:

From Anne Choe, who certainly is a great judge of what it takes to be successful in support, “Tim is a stellar addition to the JCA team. He is knowledgeable and highly competent. He always responds quickly to issues either with a resolution or the steps he is taking to move them forward. He is not only a pleasure to talk to, but he also inspires confidence in his ability to help. He has my professional admiration and also my personal admiration for giving voice to and putting action behind his beliefs.”  Nicely said, Anne!

And Tim has been great onboarding new JCA staff. From Liz Murray, one of our newest JCA teammates, “When I started at JCA in March, Tim was one of my first points of contact. He was responsible for sending me my home office equipment in time for my first day of work. My equipment was unfortunately held at the [Canadian] border. Tim worked diligently to troubleshoot through the bureaucracy. Tim was such a professional that I didn’t even realize how much time he was spending talking to FedEx about my delivery. He was friendly and helpful in his communications, and efficient and effective in getting the job done. He provided me with timely and consistent updates about my shipment so I didn’t have to worry about it. Best of all, everything arrived in a neat package on my first day of work. Tim provided me with great support while I installed my home office. He kindly answered all of my questions (even the silly ones like when I wondered why I couldn’t see my own “on the phone” status) and ensured that all my IT needs were satisfied.”

And from Nancy Melin, who has also newly joined JCA, “Tim contacted me in advance of my start date to ensure my home office set-up was ready to support the equipment that was being provided. Once I began to use my laptop we found that something wasn’t quite right and my access to the network seemed beyond slow. Tim spent more than an hour on the phone with me troubleshooting and eventually resolving my issue. It was refreshing to have tech support available to help me without a wait and I very appreciated it as it was my first day and I was anxious to get started. During our time on the phone he was calm and helpful and never made me feel like I was bothering him despite the fact that my problem took nearly 90 minutes to resolve.”

There were a number of other quotes and sentiments that I could have included—and apologies to those whose words I did not include—but the common theme among them all was the caring, dedication, patience, and knowledge that Tim exhibited to help his colleagues solve their problems. “Tim is awesome.”

Tim, you are truly a Rock Star!