Rock Star of the Month (May 2018) – Farah Jindani

May 16, 2018


This is the time of year that make sports fans go crazy. Hockey playoffs! Basketball playoffs! Baseball is well underway as is the MLS Soccer season. From league to league, team to team, and stadium to stadium (or arena to arena) and across these disparate sports, there is one common chant that is often heard: “MVP! MVP! MVP!” Well, the same holds true at JCA. We, too have an MVP for this month’s Rock Star. But, this is a different kind of MVP—and quite different from our Jake’s MVP award—because, with this Rock Star award, the “V” in “MVP” does not stand for “Valuable.” No, instead, it stands for “Versatile.”

Our newest Rock Star has been called upon to fill a number of roles, and she has done more than just fill them—she has excelled in them. Whether it’s database work, product management or support, Farah Jindani has shown that she can do it all. Farah has truly been a Rock Star in her work on the Arts Engine Platform (AEP) and its respective products, the Touring Engine, Audience Engine, and Pricing Engine. She has been doing an amazing job managing all new Arts Engines implementation projects. But, it doesn’t stop there. Farah also manages Arts Engines support, organizes AEP internal wiki documentation, builds out our AEP knowledge base, takes on AEP development QA, and much more.

Now, with both Kirk and Lizzie on parental leave and Amanda highly engaged on other work, Farah has stepped up to the plate in a major way. In addition to her top-notch AEP work, she knocked it out of the park handling all things T-Stats, including installations, project management, and tier 1 support. Everyone in Product really appreciates her flexibility, commitment to excellence, and her extra effort. Most importantly, Farah has been able to support her colleagues and our T-Stats clients with an all-star effort.

Well done, Farah!

Please join me in congratulating Farah as our latest JCA Rock Star!