Rock Star of the Month (November 2017) – Shanthi Sharma

November 15, 2017


This past Sunday, I had the privilege of seeing (and hearing) Frankie Valli in concert at a throwback theatre-in-the-round in Westbury, NY. At 83 years of age, Frankie still moved really well, engaged the audience like the consummate entertainment professional he is, and sang his heart out. Yes, he could even still hit some of those really high falsetto notes that comprise his trademark sound. When we talk about rock stars, Frankie Valli is really high on my list—but not higher on this list than our November 2017 JCA Rock Star! Our newest Rock Star is an unsung (pun intended) hero. She toils in relative obscurity behind the scenes. She makes our Adapters connect, our code sing (yes, another bad pun), and our products work. She in truly invaluable. I’m referring to none other than Shanthi Sharma!

In the past year, Shanthi quickly figured out the complications of the Siriusware Adapter when we lost our primary engineer on that product. It was a completely new system for her at the time, and now she assists our Adapter staff on those types of support issues with ease and calm—which is just invaluable.

Shanthi has always been there to help, lend her insight, and engineer a solution. As one of her colleagues said, “Shanthi has routinely been willing, interested, thorough, and thoughtful in her work. She’s eager to understand fully what it is she’s being asked to develop, and makes the necessary effort to get and understand the business side of why she’s building what she is asked to.” Shanthi’s responsiveness and expertise truly make her a Rock Star! As one of her other colleagues recently said, “She is a gem!”

Please join me in congratulating Shanthi as our November 2017 Rock Star!