Rock Star of the Month (November 2018) – Paul Kappel

November 25, 2018


It is my great pleasure to announce our November 2018 JCA Rock Star. This is not just any Rock Star. This is a three-time JCA Rock Star. This is special! This is rare air! This is Paul Kappel! Congratulations, Paul!

As many of you know, Paul has been tasked with the critical responsibility of getting to know thankQ inside and out as the implementation lead for Vassar College (which recently signed on with thankQ). Paul has thrown himself into the product with boundless energy. Everyone associated with the Vassar project, or thankQ in general, has been incredibly impressed by Paul’s ability to quickly learn and master thankQ. He has truly become a thankQ product expert. His facility with thankQ has benefited Vassar, our sales team, and our staff. Not only does he answer all of Vassar’s questions, he is an essential resource on the thankQ sales team, leading demos with ease. He’s also been a vital resource for our other consultants on Vassar, serving as our internal training and support specialist. And our contacts at Vassar consistently comment on what a fantastic trainer Paul was.

And, this week, when Vassar let Kate Mead know that they were having trouble with their mapping “homework,” she tried to schedule a meeting for Paul to work with them. Given that Paul was out of the office for a family emergency, Kate had a difficult time finding a time that would work for him and Vassar. After Kate and Paul exchanged a few emails to try to figure out a plan, they found that the only time this week that would work was when Paul was supposed to be flying back home to Chicago. Paul then offered to change his flight so he could be available to meet with Vassar via GoToMeeting. Despite Kate’s urging that he just go home, Paul insisted on changing his flight and doing the meeting. Vassar was EXTREMELY grateful and told us that the meeting was very helpful and it allowed them to work on this next week when Paul wouldn’t be available due to client commitments. A true win for JCA and Vassar thanks to Paul’s quick thinking and sacrifice!

As you can see, Paul is an indispensable asset to JCA. Please join me in congratulating Paul Kappel as our November 2018 JCA Rock Star!