Rock Star of the Month (September 2017) – Josh Wrye

September 26, 2017


As you all well know, it’s been a very devastating month, with three “major” hurricanes (Category 3 or higher) in the Caribbean and Florida, and two earthquakes in Mexico: one being a “great” earthquake (8.0 – 8.9 on the Richter scale) and the other a “major” earthquake (7.0 – 7.9 on the Richter scale). Hundreds of people dead, billions of dollars in property destroyed or damaged, lives forever changed. But through it all, neighbors have pitched in to help those less fortunate. Strangers from down the block or from thousands of miles away have reached out to help. The indomitable spirit of those afflicted is heartening; the response from others is truly inspiring.

A number of our clients have been significantly impacted. Some of their employees have lost their homes. Venues have been flooded. For example, almost all of the cultural district in Houston sustained substantial damage due to flooding. Against this backdrop, JCA has continued to provide much-needed services to these clients. While we’re not on the front lines, rescuing people or drying out and reconditioning sensitive electronics, it’s critical for our clients’ survival that they can continue to fundraise, sell tickets and engage with their constituents. Even though ours may seem like a small role, we are a vital cog in their operations.

And no one has become more vital to one of these clients, Texas Children’s Hospital, than our September 2017 JCA Rock Star, Josh Wrye. Josh, congratulations!

Shortly after being promoted to Senior Engineer earlier this year, Josh was assigned the Lead Engineer role for TCH. This role has required estimating, planning, delegating, and managing the technical aspects of all of TCH’s BBCRM customizations. All of this is in addition to being an engineering resource on the project. Josh has taken on this role with gusto. He has successfully navigated our team through (or around) any roadblock that comes our way. He is always available to support his team members to help them be successful as well. He has helped JCA craft and document new methodologies and processes to ensure that we continue to be successful not only on this project and but future ones as well.

Josh’s teammates say that he “is a joy to work with and makes everyone better.” Another colleague said, “Josh is doing an amazing job on TCH. He is keeping us organized and on track. Very nice! He is also an excellent resource for all issues regarding customizations and reports for BBCRM.”

Josh, you are truly a Rock Star!

Please join me in congratulating Josh as our September 2017 JCA Rock Star!