Rock Star of the Month (September 2018) – Ally Davis

September 20, 2018


As I started to pen this Rock Star announcement, I began to think of the time of year. Where did summer go? It seemed like just yesterday it was July and the hazy, hot and humid weather we typically get in August was just around the corner. Well, August has gone—a hot and rainy month for most of us—and it’s now late September. And, given that, who couldn’t be reminded of Rod Stewart’s classic song Maggie May, where there’s a line that says, “It’s late September and I really should be back in school.” (I’m certainly NOT going to mention any of the other lyrics!) Anyway, it’s late September and it’s time to announce the September 2018 JCA Rock Star!

Our latest Rock Star received multiple nominations from multiple departments. She works tirelessly to make sure that our Services and Arts Marketing groups get the attention they deserve. Yes, we’re talking about Ally Davis!

Ally has truly transformed the look of our JCA Arts Marketing (JCAAM) group. For those of you who subscribe to Arts Marketing’s “Ask Me Anything,” you know how phenomenal it is. The content is great (thanks, JCAAM folks!), but Ally is the one who makes sure it happens. She puts together and sends the AMA emails each week, and designed the beautiful AMA book last winter. And, Ally was instrumental in helping launch the JCAAM Assemblies in New York and DC and putting together the materials for TLCC – no small feat.

What really makes Ally a true JCA Rock Star is that she strives to learn as much as she can. Ally is a self-starter who works tirelessly to grow professionally. Even though she is self-taught, her graphic design skills are off the charts (pun intended!). When I look at some of the pieces that she has designed and executed, I am totally blown away by how professional they make JCA and JCAAM look. Additionally, we have saved a bunch of money by not having to hire freelance graphic designers.

Additionally, Ally has done a fantastic job at creating integrated marketing campaigns for the Services team, which include the data clean-up campaign, the CRM implementation webinar, and the recently-held system selection webinar. She also has created a really nice monthly e-newsletter and has incentivized the Services team to create blog content regularly.

Ally’s work has really upped JCA and JCAAM’s marketing game! Please join me in congratulating Ally Davis as our September 2018 JCA Rock Star!