Rock Star of the Quarter: The JCA Operations Team!

April 19, 2019


The JCA Operations team works tirelessly to make sure that our business operations run seamlessly and that all of you are getting the support you need to be successful in your respective roles. They’ve been doing a truly stellar job. That, in and of itself is worthy of Rock Stardom.

So, without further ado, it’s time to call out this quarter’s Rock Stars by name: Diana MarinoJudy Ruiz, and Ben Stevens!

Diana recently stepped into the role of Operations Manager and has done an exceptional job. She has been super-adept at managing the many details and nuances of our operational challenges while ensuring that no ball gets dropped. She has tackled and resolved operations issues that have been on the backlog list. Diana not only finds immediate solutions to problems, but she seems to always be looking two steps ahead to the next challenge. I have been constantly impressed with her ability to manage complex processes. On top of that, her demeanor and sense of humor make her a pleasure to work with.

Judy has been at JCA for 22 years (!!) now, and has always been a support beam for this company. Part office manager, part therapist, Judy makes everyone in the NYC office feel special. And, if you have a problem, Judy will solve it. Not only does she make sure that we get paid accurately and on time, she makes sure that all of our bills get paid as well. Judy is a self-taught whiz on QuickBooks, which allows up to keep our financials (and financial reporting) up to date. There’s so much that Judy does behind the scenes to make this company work for all of us. And, I can’t begin to tell you how instrumental she has been in organizing our NYC office move. Thank you, Judy!

Ben works tirelessly (from Scotland, no less!) to make sure our processes in AutoTask move smoothly. When many of us are sleeping, Ben is often busy setting up contracts and notifications in AutoTask. Then, during North American business hours, Ben is on email or the phone delivering payment reminders to clients via his irresistible British accent. And ever wonder what happens to your timesheet after it’s been approved? It goes to Ben, who deftly runs our time and materials billing in AT, making sure that everything goes out on time and to the right people. JCA couldn’t succeed without Ben’s fantastic work in issuing and collecting bills.

Thank you, Operations team, for your excellent work in keeping JCA running! We couldn’t do it without you.