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Patron Preference Analysis

Craft Offerings Based on Your Patrons’ Preferences

Using conjoint analysis, we help you estimate your audience’s programmatic preferences and their willingness to pay. The Patron Preference Analysis helps you curate seasons and offerings to successfully reach your audience development and revenue goals.

Plan Effective Audience Engagement Using Analysis

With our partners at Baker Richards in the UK, we provide a cost-effective analysis for organizations looking to re-engage their audience and optimize revenue in the era of COVID-19. The Patron Preference Analysis is suitable for performing arts organizations, museums, and attractions, and provides specific insight into the intentions of your audiences or visitors.

The Need: Changing Programming

Due to COVID-19, organizations are introducing a variety of new programming—from digital experiences to socially distanced performances and intermission-less shows. But without historical data, the audience and revenue potential of such programming is unknown. Through this analysis, we deliver a predictive model of your audience’s interest in, and willingness to pay for, new programming, broken down by segments.

Our Approach: Tailored Primary Research

We construct a bespoke Patron Preference Analysis survey for you, utilizing scenarios specific to your venue/attraction. You then send the survey to your stakeholders, or we can help you source to external lists. Either way, we take care of all secure data collection and analysis. The survey results are then tailored to your situation and unique to your customer base.

The Need: Changing Price Sensitivity

As organizations re-open and return to traditional programming formats, some patrons will have become acutely price sensitive, while others may be willing to pay more. We assess how your customers currently feel about your pricing, and provide essential, evidence-based support for ticket prices during and after COVID-19.

Our Approach: Conjoint Analysis

Conjoint Analysis is famed for its accuracy in predicting customer responses to hypothetical products and situations. This type of analysis is an excellent statistical tool for capturing willingness to pay across different segments of your market, enabling you to design optimal, differentiated offers.

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