Rock Star of the Quarter: Kay Harlow

May 16, 2024

For Q1 of 2024, we recognize the contributions of Kay Harlow! 

We saw Kay’s hard work and dedication come together at our Company Meeting last month. With a couple of years under her belt of assisting in meeting coordination, Kay took the lead this year on everything from hotel arrangements, food, drinks, sessions, prizes, and our company night out.

But the Company Meeting wasn’t the only thing Kay did in the quarter. She was instrumental in the hiring process for Professional Services, Arts Marketing, and Engineering, incorporating new ideas and improving on some of our procedures. She’s also driving engagement, helping us all feel connected when we’re working remotely, and enhancing our sense of purpose. All that, and she has successfully discovered and launched our new process to Innovate, Collaborate, and Experiment at our ICE Meetings! We’re already working on several new or updated processes to make us more efficient and effective. This wouldn’t have happened without Kay’s dedication to making JCA better.

Kay’s generosity and wit help us get through challenging times. Her ambitious approach to improving our lives continues to have a meaningful effect on each of us.

Thank you for everything you do, Kay! Congratulations on an exceptional quarter!