Rockstar of the Quarter: Liz Murray

July 22, 2021

Liz Murray is the latest JCA Rock Star!

It’s time to celebrate our latest JCA Rock Star. For Q2 of 2021, we recognize the contributions of Liz Murray!

Liz has been working full time on the University of Arizona Foundation’s (UAF) projects for the past couple of years. But, her work with UAF actually started back in 2017 when she was assisting them with their document management system selection and BBCRM implementation. She worked tirelessly to evolve her consulting role into an essential leadership role with the Foundation. She became a trusted advisor to the Foundation, so they asked her back – year after year. When they wanted to implement Financial Edge NXT, they couldn’t imagine doing it without Liz. They also trusted her to bring in additional JCA resources to help—adding to the Financial Transformation and Modernization project (FTM) and starting on a Business Intelligence project.

But this isn’t the only reason that Liz is this quarter’s JCA Rock Star. On top of her full UAF workload, she has helped to carry internal JCA initiatives forward. She recently wrapped her work on the JCA Performance Management Taskforce, and is now shifting her attention to a new Knowledge Management initiative. Liz also represents JCA through numerous speaking engagements. She partnered with Sabra Aaron to lead the fantastic Prospect Management webinar in April and has been accepted to speak at BBCON and AASP in October. Without Liz’s dedication, her strong organizational skills, and her vision for big ideas, JCA would have had a hard time getting these important initiatives off the ground. Liz has always been willing to use her strengths to help JCA become more efficient and more effective.

Congrats to Liz on this well-deserved Q2 2021 JCA Rock Star award!