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Audience Research & Analysis

Leverage Your Data to Enhance Your Strategy

We use sophisticated research techniques to help you understand your audience’s behaviors and values—and the implications for your organization’s audience engagement strategy.

Deepen Your Audience Knowledge for Better Decision Making

Our arts marketing consultants specialize in detailed, nuanced data analysis that allows you to answer complicated questions about your audience. From opportunities for increased revenue and attendance to understanding your patron’s motivation for engagement, the deeper your knowledge of your audience, the more effective your marketing and development campaigns.

Customer Behavior Analysis

The best way to understand and motivate your patrons is through a deep understanding of their buying behavior. By analyzing multiple years of customer transactional data, we provide a clearer picture of your ticket buyers and donors through dimensions like: attendance, price, retention, programmatic crossover, donations, and engagement.

Our clients use the Customer Behavior Analysis to understand existing patron behavior and to predict how patrons might behave in the near future. The result? More insightful and effective marketing campaigns.

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Conjoint Analysis

Together with our partners at Baker Richards in the UK, we provide this sophisticated, survey-based analysis to help organizations engage their audiences and grow revenue in a post-COVID era. Conjoint analysis employs decision modeling to predict audience behavior and understand patrons’ interest and motivations. The results help you make key decisions regarding programming, pricing, membership benefits, messaging, and more.

The Conjoint Analysis is suitable for both performing arts organizations and cultural attractions.

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Demographic Analysis

Through appending your data with demographic elements, we analyze the composition of your audience to give you a clearer picture of your audience profile, including: age, ethnicity, education, gender, geography, and income.

Our clients have used Demographic Analysis to measure a baseline audience profile, compare movement towards goals, and cross-tab between various characteristics. Demographic Analysis is also useful when applying for grants or reporting back on grant funds used.

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Custom Segmentation

A custom segmentation allows you to identify and target key prospects in your database. We employ a technique called “clustering” to group patrons together into segments of patrons who have statistically similar behavior. We then define each segment and identify opportunities within each segment to move you toward your goals.

The result is sophisticated and bespoke approach to segmentation allows you to create targeted communication strategies optimized for the known behavior and preferences of your audience.

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