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Meet Vivian, your AI-powered partner in smarter pricing and faster sales insights.



Start making a bigger impact.

Vivian streamlines your data analysis, freeing your staff to focus on what matters most: crafting impactful strategies that drive your mission forward.

Coming October 2024

Vivian for the Performing Arts

Vivian is the new, upgraded version of the RMA (our flagship revenue management software developed by JCA and our partner in the UK, Baker Richards) and so much more.

Read more about the transition from the RMA to Vivian.

The Premier Revenue Management
Intelligence Tool

Vivian is more than just a revenue management tool; it’s your AI-powered copilot, built with JCA’s industry-leading pricing expertise. Tessitura users can unlock powerful features, such as:

Smarter Pricing with AI

Leveraging machine learning, Vivian provides dynamic pricing recommendations down to the zone level for each performance. Users can easily approve (or adjust) pricing recommendations and send the changes back to Tessitura from Vivian. Coming Early 2025!

Predictive Forecasting

See the future of your sales with AI-powered forecasts. Understand best-case and worst-case scenarios for revenue and ticket sales of your productions or performances. Coming Early 2025!

Demand & Sales Analysis

Make informed decisions with Vivian’s intuitive reports on pricing, dynamic pricing & discounting impact, house scaling, inventory, and more.

Measure Marketing Impact

Track marketing and communication activities with Milestones to understand which efforts drive sales. Coming Early 2025!

Save Time, Drive Your Mission

Vivian’s user-friendly interface makes managing revenue a breeze. You’ll spend less time on manual tasks and more time creating impactful programs that fulfill your mission.

Experts on call!

Vivian requires minimal back-end set-up from your team, and our JCA consultants and support team are on call should you need help making the best use of the platform.

The Vivian Name – What It Means

Vivian is the name of the lady of the lake—the woman who gives the sword Excalibur in the King Arthur myth.

With this name, we’re referencing the underpinning data structure of the new software: Vivian will pull data through Tessitura’s API and collect it in a “data lake”—a secure central storage for raw data.

This data lake keeps Tessitura’s information readily available for manipulation and analysis. Additionally, Vivian can incorporate other data sources, paving the way for new interfaces and interpretations in the future.

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