Calling all arts marketers and ticketing professionals!

Join us every Thursday in May for a new video discussion series on creative ways to increase your revenue for next season!

We know that increasing revenue is more important than ever right now for performing arts organizations, in the face of rising production costs and diminishing subscribers.

So we’ve put together this series to share tips to increase revenue and collaborate on ideas with your arts marketing community.

How it works…

Each week in May, we’ll release a new 10-minute video with ideas from our expert consultants on creative ways to increase your revenue from ticket sales. Then, on the following Thursday, we’ll host a 30-minute discussion on Zoom about the topic.



Week 1: Segmentation: A Tool to Drive Revenue

Video released: Thursday, May 2
Zoom discussion: Thursday, May 9

Week 2: Motivation: Understanding Buying Incentives

Video released: Thursday, May 9
Zoom discussion: Thursday, May 16

Week 3: Pricing: How High Can You Go

Video released: Thursday, May 16
Zoom discussion: Thursday, May 23

Week 4: The Upgrade: Bundling vs Unbundling

Video released: Thursday, May 23
Zoom discussion: Thursday, May 30


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Learn more about the series from Jamie Alexander, Director of JCA Arts Marketing, in this quick video: