Business Process

Improve Your Business Processes for More Effective Fundraising

Get straight to the heart of your organizational challenges so you can start taking deliberate action. Work alongside experienced nonprofit business process improvement experts to align your people, processes, and technology.

Enhance Your Productivity

Resolve the operational inefficiencies that frustrate your teams and slow progress. We partner with you to deliver proven advancement solutions from unbiased experts, helping you to become more streamlined and successful.

Needs Assessment

Your organization’s challenges may not be exactly what you expected. Through interviews, discovery, and careful analysis, our nonprofit CRM consulting experts will help you align your technology with your organization’s strategic focus.

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System Selection

Need a new system? We can help you make the right choice. Our expertise in legacy systems and today’s technologies means we offer independent insight into the solution that truly fits your needs.

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Business Process Automation

Is your team frustrated by tedious, manual workarounds for disparate systems that don’t communicate? Our expert consultants can save you time, reduce costs, and improve overall productivity with our prebuilt workflows between your business applications, allowing your team to focus on areas that create a greater impact.  

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Major Giving and Prospect Framework Design

Take a more proactive approach to how donors and prospects advance through your fundraising pipeline. Our development services for nonprofits help you create a strong framework and clear concise processes, so you can leverage more effective insights from your data. We give your team the tools they need to ask the right prospects for the right gifts at the right time.

Process Analysis and Design

If your business processes haven’t evolved alongside your organization, you’re probably sacrificing efficiency. Many organizations are stuck in a rut of “the way we’ve always done it” and lack a clear vision for change. Our nonprofit specialists analyze your processes, identifying opportunities for quick wins as well a solid plan for long-term improvement.

Management Consulting

Establish an advancement services structure that supports your staff to do their best work. By looking broadly at your philanthropic division, we’ll help you establish an efficient operations management structure that puts the right people in the right positions to fuel your future success.

It’s time to make the technical more personal.

Turn your technology investment into a powerful advantage. Our nonprofit consulting experts are here to show you how.