Rock Star of the Quarter: Gabe Mangiante

February 16, 2024

It’s time to celebrate our latest Rock Star. For Q4 of 2023, we recognize the contributions of Gabe Mangiante! 

Although it was less than a year ago that this Rock Star joined our team, it feels like this recognition is already long overdue. We had high expectations for this Rock Star when he joined us, and he has since soared past all of them, quickly becoming a key technologist for JCA.

Shortly after joining JCA, Gabe took a lead role in BPA development, polishing and expanding the Tessitura connector, and developing intriguing integrations. He also quickly took the lead in the design, architecture, and engineering of our new version of RMA. His skills and experience also allowed us to envision a new data architecture layer that will allow us to expand our technical offerings in a more modern and sustainable way, helping lead JCA into a brighter future.

On top of all of this, he has become a key member of the Knowledge Management Taskforce, helping guide JCA on how to use our technologies more effectively.

Kay Rollinson, JCA’s Operations Administrator and also Gabe’s JCA Buddy, has this to say:

“Gabe is an incredibly valuable asset to the KMT team. He always gives his full attention in meetings, even though he is up to his neck in work around RMA vNext/DNA, brings a wealth of expertise, and always volunteers to represent the team. He is also such a wonderful human to work with. He is kind, thoughtful, funny, and humble. He is always open to discussions and never assumes he knows best. And he is so committed to innovation; it’s so fun to see the glimmer of excitement in his eyes for what is next.”

Gabe’s enthusiasm for his work and helping our clients succeed is contagious. He is a gifted team member and a joy to work with. Congrats to Gabe on this well-deserved JCA Rock Star award!