Rock Star of the Quarter: Margaret Stockton

November 03, 2023

It’s time to celebrate our latest Rock Star. For Q3 of 2023, we recognize the contributions of Margaret Stockton! 

Margaret has been an amazing asset to the JCA Arts Marketing team with her expert Tessitura skills and her ability to make anyone she works with also get excited about Tessitura.

Margaret knows so much about Tessitura because she’s been working in the tool for just about 20 years for various organizations! Since she started with JCA in 2021, she has helped many client organizations use Tessitura better and countless staff members feel calmer and more confident with the system.

Margaret is also a supportive team member – she’s always there to be a cheerleader to her teammates and is willing to help a colleague on Tessitura issues or lend an ear to challenges. She’s our unsung hero—working tirelessly to help clients.

Here are some quotes about Margaret from her adoring teammates:

“I am continually inspired by how many arts professionals rely on and trust Margaret as their Tessitura expert. Whenever I substitute for her on client calls, I am reminded by the client just how much they love Margaret both as a consultant and a trusted advisor. Her client relationships are also obvious at the Tessitura conference, where her ‘fans’ will follow her wherever she goes. Margaret is not only a Tessitura whiz, but also a great colleague to partner with to solve problems. She is a great teacher, which I have experienced first-hand, and also fun to hang out with (as I learned when we hung out for hours in an airport together waiting for our delayed flights to arrive).” – Andrew Moreau

“Our clients absolutely adore Margaret. After working closely with her on a number of recent projects, it’s easy to see why. Margaret’s Tessitura knowledge is dazzling; she is such an expert, and that level of expertise immediately puts clients at ease. But Margaret is also an excellent teacher who can meet clients wherever they’re at in their training. She approaches clients without any judgment or superiority, which again puts clients at ease. Add in her warm demeanor and her irreverent sense of humor, and you’ve got a consultant that clients want to work with again and again.” – Jonathan Carpenter

Congrats to Margaret on this well-deserved Q3 2023 JCA Rock Star award!