Ask Me Anything: Working with JCA Arts Marketing

February 11, 2019

“I’ve read a lot of your answers and have gotten a lot of great tips. I’d like to hear what it’s like to be a client of JCA Arts Marketing though. What makes you different than other consulting firms?


Thank you for reading our emails! We really appreciate the feedback and enjoy being able to help answer the questions people in our field have on their minds.

I like this question in particular, because it’s easy for me to answer. There are a few things that make us distinct from other firms—all of whom do great work, don’t get me wrong—but we are proud of what distinguishes us:

  • Our consulting approach is tailored for each client and each engagement. We will never apply a cookie-cutter methodology to solve a problem. We take extensive measures to make sure we hear exactly what’s going on, and pinpoint the problems that need to be addressed to meet goals.
  • We’re experts on pricing. Admittedly other firms are more apt for qualitative research or digital marketing, but we are the best out there at getting your pricing correct for exceptional revenue maximization.
  • Our boutique nature allows for real relationships with clients. We are a small operation, which allows for the same member(s) of our team to be your main points of contact from beginning to end. This is my favorite thing about how we work—I get to invest in the organizations I’m assigned to help and see them succeed over many years.

I’d be happy to discuss this with you further, and add the nuances of my answers, if you’re looking for help with price-setting, subscription campaigns, understanding audience behavior, or just need some assistance in general. Thanks, again, for the opportunity to share a little bit about JCA Arts Marketing.


JCA Arts Marketing collaborates with cultural organizations to increase revenue, boost attendance and membership, and grow patron loyalty. We provide consulting and software services to hundreds of cultural institutions across multiple genres, including dance, museums, opera, performing arts centers, symphony, and theatre. We can help you achieve your marketing goals.