Webinar | What’s Next? Preparing for Long-term Audience Sustainability

As performances are back in full swing, it’s time to move toward a clear-minded focus on rebuilding audiences. In this webinar, we’ll talk about the research methodologies and practices that will help you make strategic decisions to build back your audiences and keep them engaged for long-term sustainability.

In this session, you’ll come away with:

  • Knowledge of research methodologies to help you craft the ideal strategy for audience engagement.
  • Perspective on how segmentation can help you track real behavior of audiences to keep them coming back.
  • Strategy around re-engaging subscribers/members and loyal audience members.
  • Pricing tactics that can help you develop audiences while feeding the bottom line.

By utilizing the right research methodology, segmentation, and prices, you’ll be on a data-driven track toward a healthy, engaged audience. Join us for this webinar led by JCA Arts Marketing Director Jamie Alexander and Senior Consultant Jennifer Sowinski.