Webinar Nonprofit Panel | On the Right Track: System Improvement is an Ongoing Journey

Your nonprofit connects with many different stakeholders to gain support for your work. Connecting with people helps to advance your mission… and, adds the need to manage the information you collected about them. If you sell tickets, offer memberships, work with alumni, solicit donors, manage volunteers, or some combination of these—the amount of information you are managing is extensive.

How do you know if the technology you are using is meeting your needs? How can you determine gaps in your systems, usage, and your knowledge of the functionality available? How do you know that you are on the right track with your technology?

We tackle these questions and more in our panel webinar, featuring nonprofit professionals Shamar Hill from Harlem Stage, Susan Hill from St. Olaf College, and Meghan Ogren from Union of Concerned Scientists. Our panelists share first-hand accounts of their technology journeys and examine three key elements:

  1. Assessing organizational needs
  2. Reviewing strengths, gaps, and opportunities
  3. Identifying your future state

JCA Consultant Shannon Abitbol moderates the discussion, as our nonprofit colleagues share how they’ve tackled their technology challenges, learned lessons, and forged a path forward based on their organization’s distinct needs.