Webinar | Succession Planning for Your Legacy CRM

Is your CRM nearing retirement age after many years of dedicated service? Is your CRM struggling to keep up with your evolving needs? Are there rumors that your system will soon be sunset? It might be time to take control of your future and start planning for your system’s official retirement. In this webinar, we talk succession planning for your legacy CRM, including:

  • Why it may be time to retire your legacy system
  • Why you need a transition plan
  • What are your options
  • How to start planning now

Don’t be caught by surprise and forced to make an uninformed decision. This webinar provides you with everything you need to know to build the case for support, plan ahead, and ultimately wish your legacy system a long, happy retirement.

JCA’s Director of Professional Services Liz Murray and Consultant Eileen Pronobis, share our proven approach to replacing a legacy CRM.