RMA Feature Focus: New COVID-19 Impact Tracking and Analysis

Jennifer Sowinski Nemeth

Senior Consultant & Analyst

Jennifer enjoys working with arts and culture clients to help them increase revenue and grow audience through data-driven strategies including pricing studies, venue re-scaling, customer behavior analyses, and segmentation.
April 08, 2020

In the face of massive performance cancellations due to COVID-19, our team at JCA has added new measures to the RMA that will help you track ticket returns and donations—now and in the future.

The new measures, which are found in the reports described below, allow you to track the volume and value of returned and donated seats. If you have any questions about how to use any of these new measures, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at!


There are new widgets available on your dashboards to track available, returned, and donated seats including:

  • Sales, Returns, & Capacity
  • Income, Returns, & Capacity

These bar charts allow you to track how many tickets are still sold in a performance or production alongside how many have been returned and donated. Here’s an example of these new widgets in the Configurable Monitoring Dashboard:

In addition, there are new widgets that display available number and value of tickets that have never sold, were returned, or were donated. The new widgets are:

  • Available (Never Sold)
  • Available (Returned)
  • Available (Donated)
  • Available Value (Never Sold)
  • Available Value (Returned)
  • Available Value (Donated)

Just need a quick visual? Check out the Sales & Capacity report, which now includes seats donated and returned in addition to never issued, comps, reserved, and sold. Sales & Capacity can be grouped however you’d like, so you can view this data by performance, production, season, and more.


If you prefer a table format, the Weekly Wrap Report has a few new columns. Your Available tickets and/or income are now split into three columns: Never Issued, Returned, and Donated.


The Configurable Table Report also includes new measures (see in image below). If you’re interested in the amount of income that was donated or returned, this is a great place to find it. Group this report by Production, Production Season, or Season to track your totals.


The Spare Inventory Dashboard (one of the RMA’s newest reports!) displays a pie chart of inventory for an entire Production or Season. Measures for returned and donated tickets are new additions to this chart. This allows you to see the portion of your total seats that are still booked, have been returned, or have been donated.


For a detailed view of returned and donated tickets by Price Type, try Table: Summary by Price Type. Filter the report to include all cancelled performances. Once the report is generated, choose “Returned and Donated” from the Measures dropdown. This will allow you to track donated and returned seats and income by Price Type.

We hope these measures will help with your tracking and analysis of returns and exchanges. If you have any questions about how to use these new measures, please write us at We are also happy to offer you a virtual tour of the new RMA measures.