Tessitura v16 upgrade support and more

Jamie Alexander

Director, Strategy & Insights

Jamie helps cultural organizations understand the behaviors of their audiences and create data-driven strategies to continually engage them.
May 09, 2024

We’re dedicated to helping you make the most of your data within Tessitura. We help you organize your system and processes so your rich data will help your organization thrive. Our Tessitura consulting is timely, personal, and trustworthy.

We can help you with…

v16 Upgrade Prep

We’ll develop a fully fleshed-out upgrade plan for you that identifies:

  • your timeline and action steps for the upgrade,
  • what steps you need Tessitura to complete, and what your team can manage on its own,
  • the mapping of the data for migration (particularly membership data), and
  • what custom reports will need to be rebuilt or upgraded.

v16 Upgrade Support

During and after your v16 upgrade, our team is available to support your team with:

  • project management of the upgrade process,
  • communication between Tessitura and your team,
  • any questions that come up during the transition process, and
  • training your team on the new version.

Tessitura Optimization

Our consultants will conduct an audit of your organization’s use of Tessitura and deliver recommendations for improved processes. We can either review the entire organization’s use of Tessitura or focus on the review of particular departments or functionality. As a result, your organization will have a roadmap toward optimal use of Tessitura that gets you to your goals.

Tessitura Interim Staffing

We’ll fill in the gaps in your organization’s management of the Tessitura. Our consultants are available to act as part-time staff members to provide support in all aspects of the system—from season builds and gift tracking to analytics dashboard development and TNEW.

Ad Hoc Support

If you just need some hourly support for small Tessitura projects here and there, we’ve got you! We’re available to help, no matter how small the project.

Let’s talk about how we can help keep your system—and your team—running smoothly.

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