Jamie Alexander Receives Soul Award for 5 Years of Service

January 31, 2022

JCA recognizes Jamie Alexander, Director of JCA Arts Marketing, with a Soul Award for 5 years of service. The Soul Awards were established to recognize achievements of JCA employees, beginning at 5 years of service. At various levels, the award includes a donation to plant trees in our national forests, vacation bonuses, additional compensation, and personalized tributes.

Jamie not only leads the Arts Marketing team, she also presents memorable webinars, crafts thoughtful blogs and resources, and creates engaging speaking presentations. Jamie has a compelling vision and voice that has shaped the company as a whole. Her impact has been felt since the beginning, and she has been a fantastic addition to the Leadership team, which she joined in 2021.

As Kate Mead, Director of Professional Services, praised, “Jamie is a rock star. Her passion for the arts is clear, and it is reflected in everything she does. She is truly a thought leader in the industry, and I’m amazed by the depth of the services she offers to JCA Arts Marketing clients, as well as the amount of content she pushes out via blogs, videos, and presentations. She is a valued member of the leadership team and takes personal responsibility for the success of her team and the wellbeing of the company. Personally, she is a pleasure to work with and I have enjoyed hearing her speak about her love of opera and tango.”

Jamie makes JCA better with her kindness, thoughtfulness, and dedication. Congratulations, Jamie!