Judy Ruiz Receives Soul Award for 25 Years of Service

December 20, 2022

JCA recognizes Judy Ruiz, Finance Administrator, with a Soul Award for 25 years of service. The Soul Awards were established to recognize achievements of JCA employees, beginning at 5 years of service. At various levels, the award includes a donation to plant trees in our national forests, vacation bonuses, additional compensation, and personalized tributes.

Today we honor Judy Ruiz, who celebrates her 25th year with JCA!! You read that right—25 YEARS! Judy has the distinction of being JCA’s second most tenured colleague, behind only CEO and Founder Steve Jacobson. JCA has been so fortunate to have Judy keeping us together all this time. She’s logged over 44,000 work hours, paid thousands of our bills, worked from a few offices, and made countless trips to the post office.

All members of JCA’s team have experienced Judy’s kindness, as she’s always quick to lend a helping hand. And her sense of humor has always kept us grounded. It’s hard to imagine what JCA would be today without Judy over the last quarter century.

Congratulations, Judy, for 25 amazing years!