James Minehart Receives Soul Award for 15 Years of Service

December 14, 2022

JCA recognizes James Minehart, Chief Operating Officer, with a Soul Award for 15 years of service. The Soul Awards were established to recognize achievements of JCA employees, beginning at 5 years of service. At various levels, the award includes a donation to plant trees in our national forests, vacation bonuses, additional compensation, and personalized tributes.

This week we have the honor of recognizing James Minehart’s decade and a half of dedication to JCA. During this time, James has held a number of different roles/titles at JCA—from CRM Consultant to Senior Consultant to Manager, Consulting Services to Director, Consulting Services and now COO—and he has excelled at every turn, racking up accomplishment after accomplishment along the way. From the early days of hands-on consulting with clients (and the requisite road warrior stories) to building out JCA’s Project Management Center to making everything hum for our JCA Town Halls, James’s skills and experience have proven to be wide and deep. We’ve got to admit: we’re a wee bit envious of his Excel skills. But, for James, it’s just another data point on the ever-expanding Minehart versatility scale.

On top of James’s “hard” skills, one of his key strengths is relating to people. While it can be challenging to lead and manage staff, he’s been able to build relationships that foster mutual respect and commitment. As COO, James has worked vigorously to enhance and further our positive company culture. From instituting new performance management software to instituting monthly “Campfire Chats” to learn more about JCA team members, he’s helped to improve our company communications and increase staff engagement.

Congratulations James!