Jennifer Sowinski Receives Soul Award for 5 Years of Service

July 05, 2022

JCA recognizes Jennifer Sowinski, Senior Consultant & Analyst, with a Soul Award for 5 years of service. The Soul Awards were established to recognize achievements of JCA employees, beginning at 5 years of service. At various levels, the award includes a donation to plant trees in our national forests, vacation bonuses, additional compensation, and personalized tributes.

Jennifer joined the JCA Arts Marketing team in 2017. She started as an Associate Consultant, and picked up the RMA, Pricing Studies, Retainer Meetings, and Segmentation Engine like a Rock Star. Even during challenging times through the pandemic, Jennifer always keeps things moving—doing an excellent job at retainer calls, Pricing Studies, and Customer Behavior Analysis. She very quickly moved up from Associate Consultant to Consultant, Consulting Analyst, and now Senior Consultant & Analyst. She also contributes to the team by creating excellent content for our blogs and webinars.

Of course, her clients also love her. She always impresses clients with her in-depth and sophisticated analyses that uncover long-asked questions and solve revenue issues. She is definitely a “trusted advisor” as whenever her clients have a problem they need to solve they turn to Jennifer—even if it’s outside of the current scope of work.

As Jamie Alexander, Director of JCA Arts Marketing, praised, “I have loved working with Jennifer. She has been my rock and someone whose perspective and insight I always seek and value. She’s a dream co-worker.” Congratulations Jennifer!