Filling Your Staffing Gaps with Interim Marketers

Naomi Sachs

Marketing Strategy Consultant

Naomi helps organizations with their marketing needs - interim staffing, marketing strategy, campaign development and implementation.
September 20, 2023

Temp agencies have been part of the business world for decades, but it wasn’t until recent years that interim marketing staffing started making its way into arts organizations. When turnover is high and open positions remain vacant longer than anticipated, the existing staff needs support to keep up with day-to-day operations. Interim marketing staffing takes our bespoke consulting services one step further by providing hands-on marketing execution, in addition to expert recommendations. We know that this type of support can feel like uncharted waters, so we’ve asked our resident Interim Staffing consultant to break it down for you.  

Learn about interim marketing staffing from the perspective of our newest member of the JCA Arts Marketing team, Naomi Sachs! 

Hi, I’m Naomi! 

I was recently welcomed to the JCA Arts Marketing team as a Marketing Strategy Consultant who is focused on our Interim Staffing offerings. As someone who recently started a new job, I find that I’m answering the question, “What does interim marketing staffing entail, and why do you love it?” So, let’s dig in! 

What is Interim Marketing Staffing? 

In principle, it’s exactly as the phrase suggests. When an organization has an open position in its marketing department, a consultant joins the team for a finite amount of time to fulfill those responsibilities.  

In practice, interim marketing staffing can take on many forms. At JCA we offer marketing leadership, targeted campaign management, and executional support. Although we’ve developed those broad categories based on the most common needs, most engagements don’t live squarely in one. I like to think of Interim Staffing as “choose-your-own-adventure” for organizations. Sometimes an organization needs an interim staff member to support a mixture of roles and responsibilities or develop and launch a specific campaign. Or perhaps, all that is needed is experienced hands to perform tactical marketing tasks, so other team members can shift focus to other efforts.  

Our purpose is to be an integrated part of your team and a strategic resource, no matter your needs. Regardless, interim support can also provide a much-needed change of perspective on repeated processes and strategies to improve them. 

Why Do I Love It? 

Interim marketing support combines all my favorite things—mentorship, strategy, project management, and tactical support. I love that interim staffing enables me to be an extension of the organization’s internal team. I’m in it with them. Their goals are my goals. Their challenges are my challenges to help solve. There’s something very personal about it. I can get an in-depth view to develop lasting strategies and tools catered to their needs.  

My passion for interim marketing also stems from my first-hand experience as a client when I worked at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company. At that time, my organization was at the busiest point of our first season back in-person and were searching for a new Director of Marketing. It was important for our team to work efficiently and strive towards the organization’s goals, but we were low on capacity and needed support. At the time, I was stepping into a new role that required learning a lot of new things quickly. JCA had expertise, and their support allowed me to learn at my own pace, knowing that they were able to fill in the gaps. It was such a relief. Not only did interim staffing support ensure our department kept running smoothly during the transition period, but JCA had a personal investment in my team’s growth as individuals. 

What Professional Experience Equipped Me for Interim Marketing? 

All of it. I love to learn, so naturally, I’ve sought out a variety of experiences and soaked up as much knowledge as my colleagues would share. I gained a broad knowledge base and was able to hone those skills in many different opportunities. Here’s the highlight reel: Prior to JCA, I specialized in client relations and brand strategy, as well as the creation and project management of award-winning campaigns at Brokaw. I served as Co-Interim Director of Marketing and Communications at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, where I was responsible for marketing and public relations for the nationally recognized, regional theatre. While earning my MFA in Theatre Management from Florida University, I served as a consultant for several arts organizations, built a website, and served on the board of a site-specific musical theater company. All those experiences have encouraged me to stay nimble and given me the passion for helping organizations. 

Interim Staffing in Action 

One of the benefits of having a JCA Interim Marketing consultant at your organization is that you also get the enterprise of the JCA team as a whole! Our team has expertise ranging from audience behavior to pricing structures to strategic marketing. Knowledge sharing is our priority. Our consultants collaborate often to make sure we are bringing the best recommendations to our clients. 

We have a full roster of experts, who can be matched with your organization based on your unique needs. Meet a few other members of our Interim Marketing team! 


Kate Brandt

Based In: Auburn, MA
Previous Work: Trinity Repertory Company, Merrimack Repertory Theatre, Artists Repertory Theatre
Recent Engagement: As the Interim Marketing Director at A Noise Within, Kate rebuilt the marketing department staff and box office management. Together, they charted a new course for the organization’s marketing and patron services strategy, resulting in the top selling drama, Shakespeare, and holiday shows of the company’s history. 

“Working as an Interim Marketing Director has been a wonderful experience. I enjoy the challenge of jumping right in and helping to problem solve, using the skills and tools I’ve honed over the years. It’s satisfying knowing that my work is helping meet their immediate needs and is also contributing to the long-term success of the organization and setting their next marketing director up for a smooth transition.” 


Based In: Chicago, IL
Previous Work: A Noise Within, ACT Contemporary Theatre
Recent Engagement: As Interim Associate Director of Marketing and Sales at La Jolla Playhouse, Amanda managed advertising campaigns and content development for 2023-2024 Season productions.  




“It’s been a privilege to work with so many talented individuals in the performing arts and connect with colleagues in marketing across the country as we rebuild the industry post-pandemic. The opportunity to dive into new projects and new productions has been a fantastic challenge, and it’s been wonderful to have an immediate impact at these institutions.   


Support When You Need It 

We’ll work with you to deliver the support you need in the short-term, so you can thrive in the long-term. Our goal is to help steady the ship and equip you and your team to grow revenue in the future. 

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