Rock Star of the Quarter: Shannon Abitbol

January 09, 2023

It’s time to celebrate our latest Rock Star. For Q4 of 2022, we recognize the contributions of Shannon Abitbol!

Since joining JCA as a Consultant in March of 2022, Shannon has handled a busy workload with tact. Shannon is always the first person to volunteer to take on a new project or learn a new skill—whether it is learning a new CRM or writing documentation. She’s done it all with style and aplomb and has gained the trust of many clients with her approachable and caring style and excellent work.

Shannon is also actively engaged in bettering JCA as an organization through her contributions to the JEDI team and mentorship as a JCA Buddy to new team members, including Laura Burgos.

“Having Shannon as my JCA buddy these last two months has been such a wonderful experience. Her caring, wisdom, and thoughtfulness has made my transition to JCA an easy one and I’m so grateful to her for it!”

Congrats to Shannon on this well-deserved Q4 2022 JCA Rock Star award!