Webinar | System Selection: Find the Right Solution for your Nonprofit

When searching for software for your nonprofit, it’s important to find the right fit for your organization’s complex ecosystem. How will you know if a new system will integrate with your other tools? Where do you start if you are considering replacing multiple systems? How many disparate systems can be replaced by your new solution? Is it flexible enough to meet future needs as your organization evolves?

Whether you need a CRM system, ticketing system, finance system, or another solution, the key to picking the right technology is understanding your needs first. Clarity on your system needs provides the framework for evaluating your options based on your organization’s unique requirements and priorities. In this webinar, you learn the key components of a system selection, including:

  • How to assess your organization’s unique needs
  • How to define and prioritize your system requirements
  • How to develop an RFP
  • How to plan and conduct vendor demos
  • How to grade systems and make a decision you can defend

Back by popular demand, we’ve updated this webinar with some key lessons from the past year that will enhance your process—no matter what stage of a system selection you are in.

JCA’s Director of Professional Services Kate Mead and Consultant Shannon Abitbol tackle your questions and walk through our tried-and-true methods of successful system selection.