James Minehart, PMP Promoted to President & Chief Operating Officer of JCA

January 23, 2023

JCA, the first and foremost independent consulting firm dedicated solely to the technical and operational needs of nonprofits, has promoted James Minehart to the role of President & Chief Operating Officer. In James’ expanded role, he will oversee the administrative, operational, and financial areas at JCA, and will guide the company in achieving its initiatives set out in the company’s strategic plans. James will work alongside founder and CEO Steve Jacobson, who continues to lead the company.

Since being appointed as the company’s Chief Operating Officer in May of 2019, James has been key to the improvement of JCA’s internal operations and culture. His leadership was instrumental in helping steer JCA through the pandemic to emerge with improved margins and revitalized sales. James’ dedication to streamline operations and offerings, and reduce overhead costs, has contributed to this success. His implementation of the collaborative goal-setting methodology known as Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) has increased JCA’s impact through challenging and ambitious achievements.

James has prioritized JCA’s culture and staff, making critical changes internally. Efforts to improve staff morale through employee engagement strategies have led to increased commitment to JCA’s mission and vision and an upward trend in company pride. His implementation of a performance management system has increased company productivity and opportunities for the staff’s professional growth.

“In his 15-year tenure at JCA, James has been the driving force behind a number of our key initiatives,” said JCA CEO Steve Jacobson. “I look forward to having James expand his role in helping lead the company forward.”

James was recently awarded the “Soul Award” for 15 years of service to JCA. Prior to his role as Chief Operating Officer, James served in various consulting roles at JCA, culminating in his role as Director of JCA’s Professional Services team. James has helped clients across the nation with multi-department needs analysis, process improvements, software gap analysis, enterprise software implementation, and more. As a certified project manager, James was instrumental in developing JCA’s Project Management Center (PMC), building efficiencies in project delivery.