Segmentation Engine Feature Focus: Custom Audience Segmentation

Jamie Alexander

Director, JCA Arts Marketing

Jamie helps cultural organizations understand the behaviors of their audiences and create data-driven strategies to continually engage them.
June 30, 2020

Did you know that you can have bespoke segments built for your organization within the Segmentation Engine? Custom segments allow you to group patrons into clusters according to their unique similarities, making it easier to craft a message that will resonate to people who display similar behavior and interests. Here’s a simple example of an audience broken up into custom segments:

Custom segments can be as simple or complex as you want—some organizations have 6 segments, while others have up to 24! Segments are typically driven by behavior tracked in your database, but can also reference attitudinal and demographic characteristics, should those be coded in your database.

The advantage of custom segmentation is not only that you can speak to people in a consistent, effective manner, but also that you can set specific goals for each segment. Maybe you want the “Subscriber Loyalists” to give in a more consistent basis, or encourage those “Event Seekers” to attend more often or purchase higher value tickets.

Having goals for specific subsets of the audience will allow you to engage and grow your audience more efficiently and effectively. Blanket goals for the full audience don’t work, because they require you to conduct “spray and pray” marketing tactics which are costly and impersonal. You need to dig into the subsets of the audience to see where it’s possible to move the needle,and craft your communications plans around those goals.

A beneficial feature is that your custom segments will be dynamic in the Segmentation Engine. Meaning that, as your patrons move in and out of segments, those changes will be reflected in the Segmentation Engine. Plus, you’ll be able to use all the metrics available in the Segmentation Engine to track the behavior of each of your segments and see how that behavior changes over time.

Now is a great time to get custom segments going, as you will need to work efficiently and effectively to re-engage your audience when you reopen after the COVID-19 closures. Custom segmentation can help you ensure that you’re targeting the right folks with the right message to encourage them to return and continue to support you.

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