Arts Marketing
COVID Recovery
Data-Driven Strategies

Launch Toward a Stronger Future

We’ll help measure the change in your audience due to the pandemic, so you can create smart, effective campaigns to re-engage your stakeholders and launch into the future.

Strategy to Thrive in the New World

Customer Behavior Analysis

We do a deep dive into your database to review audience behavior pre-, during-, and post-pandemic—and uncover opportunities for growth.

Conjoint Study

We utilize advanced primary research methodology to understand what aspects of your programmatic offerings your audience truly values, and what motivates attendance.

Segmentation Strategy

We segment your audience according to their behavior, values, and demographics for smarter marketing and development targeting.

Pricing Study

We analyze your patterns of demand, pre-, during, and post-pandemic, to update your house scaling, starting prices, dynamic pricing, and discounting strategies.

Smart Segments for Tessitura Users

Tessitura users can now benefit from smart segmentations via the Segmentation Engine. We’ll configure one or more custom segmentations, which are regularly updated in your constituent data, for use in marketing and development campaigns and in Tessitura Analytics.

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