Arts Marketing

Maximize Revenue Without Sacrificing Attendance

JCA Arts Marketing is the industry leader in pricing for arts and culture organizations. We’ve helped hundreds of organizations in North America increase revenue and ticket sales through pricing and inventory management. Our clients see ROI of at least 2:1 in the first year, and we’ve even seen as high as 75:1.

Build Sustainable Revenue

Our pricing and revenue management expertise will help you maximize your income while also working toward your goals for accessibility and inclusion. We can help you build an income model that’s in tip-top shape to ensure your organization thrives in the post-pandemic era.

The Pricing Study

The Pricing Study is an in-depth analysis of your transactional ticketing data that results in actionable recommendations to improve your organization’s revenue and accessibility. Using insights from your audience’s behaviors, we’ll engage your stakeholders to establish optimal:

  • House scaling
  • Single ticket prices
  • Subscription prices
  • Dynamic pricing and discounting strategies

After an initial pricing study, our experts can help you manage demand-based pricing and inventory decisions throughout your season for optimal results.

The Patron Preference Analysis

Are you looking to re-engage your audience and recoup revenue? The Patron Preference Analysis leverages conjoint analysis to help you predict demand for realigning your programming and pricing strategies.

The Pricing Workshop

The Pricing Workshop is a half-day session in which our expert consultants transfer knowledge on pricing theory and best practices to your team. Your team will leave with a roadmap for creating and implementing a revenue-generating pricing strategy.

The RMA, Revenue Management Application

The RMA is a desktop application used by 80+ organizations worldwide that helps you manage pricing and inventory with ease and sophistication. Our consultants make sure you get the most out of the software and your strategy.

It’s time to make the technical more personal.

Turn your technology investment into a powerful advantage. Our nonprofit consulting experts are here to show you how.