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Data-driven, Effective Marketing

Our expert arts marketing consultants have the industry knowledge, experience, and tools to advance your marketing initiatives. From campaign planning to interim staffing support, our team can help you leverage your data to increase revenue, boost attendance, and grow patron value.

Segmentation Strategy

In this collaborative engagement, we devise strategies to reach your marketing, fundraising, and audience engagement goals through targeting the right people, at the right time, with the right message. We do this through:

  • Discovery – Categorizing your patrons according to their behaviors and motivations.
  • Planning – Identifying goals for each audience segment and tactics to reach them.
  • Action – Tagging your patrons’ accounts with their segments (using the Segmentation Engine) and activating plans.
  • Reporting – Tracking and reporting results throughout the year.

Campaign Planning

Leveraging audience segmentation and industry expertise, we’ll create tailor-made campaigns to help you reach your attendance, revenue, and engagement goals, while saving your team valuable time. We offer campaign planning for:

  • Subscriptions & Memberships – We deliver subscriber or member renewal, acquisition, and reactivation campaigns that identify and engage your best prospects.
  • Single Tickets – Whether for a weeks-long run or a one-off production, we leverage audience segmentation for effective targeting to reach sales and audience engagement goals.
  • Email Strategy – We’ll help you develop email creative, lists, automations, timelines, and tracking to engage the right audience, at the right time, with a message that resonates.

Email Marketing Support

Whether you’re implementing a new platform or want to enhance your email strategy and processes, we’re here to help. We’ll develop a roadmap for your email usage that supports your digital marketing initiatives and makes effective use of your people and technology. We’ll help you:

  • Launch a New Platform – We’ll develop a game plan and guide you through the email implementation process, incorporating your marketing strategy within your new technology, right from the launch.
  • Improve Your Processes – We’ll review your email marketing processes and help optimize your templates, segmentation, workflow, and reporting to achieve better results.
  • Implement Automations – We’ll show you how to automate emails based on individualized customer data that results in more effective communications with less staff time.
  • Track Results – We’ll work with you to create a custom reporting approach, allowing you to track email KPIs through your email platform (Prospect2 and Wordfly), Tessitura, and Google Analytics.

Interim Marketing Staffing

Whether your staff is in transition, or you just need some extra assistance, our experienced marketing consultants will keep your team moving. We offer:

  • Marketing Leadership – If you are searching for a new Marketing Director, we can provide your team with interim leadership to keep your priorities and team moving forward.
  • Targeted Campaign Management – Our marketing consultants are experts at creating and managing single ticket, subscription, and membership campaigns.
  • Executional Support – We can provide interim staff to project manage and execute traditional and digital marketing activities, such as email creation or website updates.

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