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COVID Recovery
Pricing for Sustainability

Recover Revenue

Our pricing and revenue management expertise will help you maximize your income, while also working toward your goals for accessibility and inclusion.

Get Your Income Model in Tip-Top Shape

Pricing Study

We’ll analyze your patterns of demand, pre-, during, and post-pandemic, to update your house scaling, starting prices, dynamic pricing, and discounting strategies.

Patron Preference Analysis

We’ll get to the heart of your patrons’ values in order to optimize offerings and pricing for future demand.

In-Season Consulting

We provide strategic guidance and support, so you can act on demand to maximize sales and income. Our goal is to help steady the ship and equip you and your team to grow revenue in the future.

Subscription & Membership Consulting

We use in-depth database analysis and primary research to understand the behavior of your loyal patrons, determine the best loyalty program structure, and identify ideal prospects for subscriptions and memberships.

It’s time to make the technical more personal.

Turn your technology investment into a powerful advantage. Our nonprofit experts are here to show you how.